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Kirsty Hunt
Scottish/ British
Heriot Watt University
Course: BSc in Fashion Technology
Diploma in Industrial Training

What made you want to be part of fashion?
I never viewed myself as someone who wanted to study fashion. I was fairly good at art at school and decided to miss out my 6th year to do a portfolio course at Telford College. I always assumed all courses in fashion were based around the drawing and design side of fashion, but when I visited Heriot Watt University for the open day- I really felt like I’d found what I was looking for.  Their sewing workshops seemed like my home.

Who is your inspiration in the fashion industry?
I’ve always been inspired culture, films, historical fashion, music, performers, artist and theatre but less on the fashion designer. I do however enjoy designers such as McQueen, who are inspired by more than what the current trend show, they have a theatrical theme and create more than just a fashion show- but a real performance and spectacle, I think more shows should be like this!

What inspirates you when creating a collection ?
I enjoy looking into different industries for inspiration, I have been very inspirated by the historical and theatrical style. However, I like to make contemporary garments and often mix an androgynous tone inot my work when making it for the female body.

Tell me what is fashion technology about ?
Fashion technology is about looking deeper into a garment and design. It’s about finding the best and simplest way to create what you want efficiently and quickly. Most people who find this area interesting are those who enjoy problem solving and have a bit of a perfectionist streak.

What is your dream to be after you have finished with all your studies?
At the moment I’m in my final year and currently in the “dilemma” stage on what to do as a career! Luckily in my course and with my experience I have a few options available. I plan on looking in a number of areas from theatre costume, garment technology, smart technologies and wearable technology for stage and screen. ( she is currently exploring through her honors project)… I would love to work overseas and would love to combine some travelling with working abroad.

What would you advise those students starting your course?
You must be interested in how garments go together and enjoy learning about sewing and pattern cutting. The fashion industry is saturated with designers and in need of technical graduates.

She worked at Scottish Opera, when she decided to take the year out in industry.

This is one of the Kirsty’s work
Harris Tweed Frock-Coat
3rd Year Collection Project

3rd Year Project
“The Artful Dodger”
For Christian Dior RTW

She is a talented young lady with so much a head of her!
Wish you the best Kirsty !

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