Judy Vintage Fair Edinburgh!

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I love when the vintage fair comes to town, as the best of style and trend are all together at the best prices. I decided to try to hit the Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair as soon it opened. It was in a prime location in the center of Edinburgh, at the Assembly Rooms. 

As going through the fair, there were lots to look at from womenswear to mens and even things for your home. The colours were bright and brought you back in time where fashion was at its best. I looked through some of the stalls such as Gladrags, Vulture Culture Vintage, Sweet As, Christina Conlon, Dear Rose with Love and more. It wonderful seeing a large amount of people support such a wonderful fair and seeing more clothing, jewelry, handbags and more which are in today’s trends.  

Dj for the event …. with his own phone headphones ! 

I loved looking at jewelry from Dear Rose,With Love , there were little unique pieces. 

 These handbags by Sweet As, were creative and wonderfully designed.

This makes me think of back in the day, Radio was our best friend in music. 

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