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Joe Edge
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How did Lucky Edge Decks start?
I needed an outlet to combine my love for extreme sports and illustration.

What is you inspiration for the illustration?
My inspiration comes from just anywhere. Everyday life, conversations, buildings, music, skateboard videos or even my dreams. But most of the time I just put pencil to pad and see what my quite strange imagination comes up with.

What’s the aim for Lucky Edge Decks?
For our customers to love our products and enjoy using them.

Who are the customers?
Our customers can be anyone who enjoys the illustrations.

What made you want to make t-shirts as part of the brand?
Originally we just had skateboard decks, however as their hand-painted they are expensive- we wanted people to be able to buy into the brand at different price points. That’s why we also have a sticker range which is very popular amongst our youngest customers!

Where do you hope to be with Lucky Edge Decks in 5 years time?

Where can you buy the decks and t-shirts from ?
Currently we are developing our e-commerce store and in talks with various stockists. At the moment you can find us at Eco Chic Boutique on High St in Glasgow or just send a message to the Facebook page, ” LUCKY EDGE DECKS

I really like the illustrations of LUCKY EDGE DECKS, from the decks to t-shirts.
Check LUCKY EDGE DECKS, worth looking at!

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