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Name: Joanne McGillivray
Age: 23
University: Heriot Watt University, Galashiels, Scotland
Course: BA in Fashion Design for Industry 


1) What do you love about fashion?

I love that anything goes in fashion. There are no boundaries, even if it’s not your thing you can still love and appreciate it!

2) What made you want to do fashion ?

I wanted to do fashion when a teacher at high school encourage me to take part in South Lanarkshire ( in Glasgow) school fashion show! Looking back the dress was horrific but it sparked something and I’ve loved it ever since!

3) Who are you fashion inspirations?

I have loads of fashion inspirations, everthing and anything inspires me! But one of my biggest inspirations would have to be London based designer Kinder Aggugini. I have interned for him twice, I love his style and feel he has definitely rubbed off on me!

4) Whats was the inspiration for your final year collection?

I have never experienced stress than I was choosing my theme for my graduate collection, as this would be the collection that you put yourself forward with a job etc. But I choose a theme that I was passionate about and interested me. My theme was, oil and water which was based on how they react with one another and the contrast between them.

5) What sort of fabrics did you use?

I used fabric which would complimented my theme,. From printed Crepe De chine to ex Marc Jacobs fabric from NYC. It was definitely one of the exciting parts of producing the collection.

6) The photoshoot for the collection, what was the idea for it?

Again it was important for me to make sure my photoshoot and fashion film all connected with my theme. I done my shoot in the Glasgow Lighthouse Museum on their 6th floor viewing platform. The floor to ceiling windows and big open space I felt complimented my collection.

7) How does it feel winning Young Graduate of the Year at the Scottish Fashion Awards?

It feels so surreal, I still don’t think I have full appreciated it. It is such a good event for Scottish fashion and a fantastic opportunity for young designers.

8) Where do you hope to be in 5 years time?

I hope that in 5 years time I am still doing what I love and people still love what I do.

Joanne Summer must haves:

Summery white dress

Joanne must have in her bag:

Flat shoes

I am in love with Joanne graduate collection, its colourful, simple and elegant. I hope to see her in the near future at London Fashion week or Edinburgh Fashion Week !!!!
for more information on Joanne work check out her PORTFOLIO .

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