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Make-up and me are no bonnie and clyde but I do try. Most the time my make-up for photoshoots are put together by Pro’s  as I am useless with eye make up. I have my routine when it comes to make-up when I do need to apply it. It is usually simple and very basic!

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Over time I try my best to step of my box and try different products to expand my knowledge of Make-up. I am getting there!!! I take advise from the make up artist on the Faz photoshoots or Metropolitan Fashion Show ones or sometimes when I pop into the store to look around. If there is no hope I turn to youtube for those beauty bloggers.


The foundation I end up going for is oil free due to my complication. The ones that seem to work is Dolce and Gabanna ( Matte Liquid Foundation with SP20 in Rose Beige 140)  and Illamasqua (Skin Base SB13). When it comes to eye make up I use Makeup Geek as they have such a mixture of colours to play with. My must have where I go is Benefit Mascara Bad Gal, it just make my eyes look fab… ( its in my picture above)!!


Lipstick and lipgloss are my favourite things to buy… and lipliner. The fashion is to have those full lips but I try to make it look like I have lips ( hahahaa). The brands that catch my eye are Givenchy ( Rouge Interdit) , Illamasqua ( Vampette) , Sephora ( 5133c) and a variety of Rimmel.


Contouring has become such a trend but I do think some people look fake with it all. I did a contour set from Illamasqua (Sculpting Palette) to just define my face a bit, it has a variety to play. Trying to show off my best parts…. its all in my head sometimes.

Make-up is a women’s must have even if its just a lipstick or a bit of eyeliner. We tend to pick our favourite brands and stick with it, I know that because I used to be like that. Over the years since being a blogger I have left an open door to new ideas and make-up brands. If you see through my make-up bag I have a variety of brands that I use.




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