How I Wear My Hood!! Colours!!

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Chouchou is amazing designer brand in Scotland with an Italian influence and has the best quality of hoodies. I decided to put together a little styling tribute of how I would wear my hoodie. 

I am the type to all pop in alot of colour when going out so with this look, I decided to use 2 colours that are on hoodie. 

As its summer, I decided why not twist it with a boho look with a strapped top and a maxi skirt both from Topshop.

Most my friends especially those that see me at events, know I sometimes just love colour. Colour blocking!! Some may think I am crazy but life is too short to stay in one colour. 

I decided to pop the outfit with these killer yellow heels from River Island. 

For those Chouchou lovers, there is a chance to get a discount on Freedom & Sunset !

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