Horsham Market

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I have finally settled into a new place down south in the UK. It was a journey and a half but worth it. I moved to Horsham, a town with alot of history and is developing through stages. I had the chance to visit their weekly market before they close for the new years. The market is at Piries Place and through to Carfax.


The market as a mixture of local brands which of course I had to have a bite into. I can’t deny myself from freshly made local food!!! It has a mixture of other things from clothing, to bits and bobs to make a house a home, to local produce ( found some yummy West Sussex Jam), to some freshly made street food.


Where is Crepes, there is Farah around the corner. I have a weakness for them !!! I had an Oreo crepe from Vive La Crepe … it wad yummmy


It was time for some fresh homemade buns and Gluten free Arepas from Ginger Rookes. Yes I went the other way round from dessert to main… its typical World of Faz.


It was time for home made Chutney, Jam and honey from Bartie’s Sussex Faire. They are delicious .. I went home with Honey Mustard and and Strawberry Jam and some Mango Chutney.


As being a fashion blogger I always look for the independent designer, I came across Biscuit Couture. The lady behind it just see fabrics and ideas come to her. I am in love with her corset!!!


There is still a wee bit more to see in Horsham but this is just a sneak peek of goodies to come on the blog.



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