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I love attending events that showcase the emerging talents in the cities I go to.. I grew up in Dubai and I have seen in grow so much. I recently attented Concept which is a community of home grown entreperneurs in art, fashion and food industry. I see these lovely indepedent companies as the future of the industry. The event was hosted by the talents Al Anoud, the lady behind Lady Fozaza and may other inspiring ventures. 

The community was set up by a group of independent brands which saw something special to showcase the best of Dubai. The event was at The Mine Art which was spacious enough to bring in the brands 
best to display. 

 Jewels Boutique…. I call it my candy wonderland … 🙂 beautiful colours and fun pieces to make your wardrobe even extra better !

 Jewellery by Phioro … The make all sorts of jewellery, even for weddings 🙂

 Designer Dee by Dalia  ( more to come on her full collection soon) 

 Jewellery by VIK Jethwani ( there are unique pieces which I need to get my hands on at some point)

 Socialista Boutique, loved the detailed pieces and colours brought through!
 The colour is divine … 🙂

The Dress Room.com… I love it as I have on the hunt for dresses for weddings and events… they have a dress for any special occassion. 

 Loving this pearl detailed dress…. love at first sight !!

 Perfect for a fashionista’s occassion 🙂 Dress in with your own style !
Combination of colours …:) pretty !

 Cupcake loving at the Kitsch Counter… there sell more than just cupcakes of course… but I have a weakness !

 Bubbles and Boba…. Bubble Tea… its perfect for a girl that loves a her tea with flavours !

Vintage furntiure what makes a difference to a home… 🙂 Rubabikia 
 makes me want to have a wee tea party at my house !

I am not a lady who likes flowers on clothing or fabrics but I love this combination ..it stands out and looks elegant :)!!!

 It was lovely meeting Racha El Abbas … she creates scarves with stories that mean something… 🙂 The inspiration is from the cities she has been to… which is beautiful put together with the colours and fabrics used. 

 Fishfayce photos are fun everytime I see it… perfect for a party or any event !
 I did mine…. but I look insane as always.. the great part is the made it into moving pictures. 

Lil Rocker has become one of my favourite kids wear…. they are fun and funky 🙂 and the ladies behind it has a passion for what they do !! Kids wear at its best in Dubai … xx 

 In love with the wee boys collection… definitely funky and trendy which what most of them want to be!

The Georgetown Collection is the perfect present for any occassion to personlize it to the lucky person 🙂

 Aina … a brand which is full of detailed goodies on pillows and bags

 A new kind of fun way of enjoying hoola hops….Flowground 
 Of course being in Dubai… your nails always can look the best with The Nail Pavilion

 The happy box made me happy… meeting the lady behind it all and her little sweet inspiration was eye openning to the talents. The box is made for every kid which is full of goodies, which makes me wish I was a wee one. 

Watch out for what Concept comes up with next… talents are left, right and centre in this city !!! #homegrowndxb

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