Happy Mother’s Day To My Mummy!!!

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When it comes to  the best mothers in the world we all would give our mothers the prize and everything with it.
My mother Aziza Al Zadjaly is amazing, she is a sweet, loving and caring women with a heart of gold. When I was in high school my friends used to call her the cool mum because she was easy going and always there for advise. Mothers day is a day we put in our calender to make sure our mother knows how much we apperciate her.
This is a letter to my mum for mothers, since I am all the way in Scotland and she is at home in Dubai.

To Mum,
              Words can not always describe how I feel about you or what you mean to me but I will try my best to say it to you.
               Since the day I was born you have been an angel, you have given me all the love a child can ask for. You have taught me to be strong, to accept who I am, to choose my own way or path , to not get angry at life when one problem comes my way. Through good and bad days who have stood by me, you have motivated me and inspired me to follow my dreams and my heart. Mum you have done so much for me I dont think Thank you is enough sometimes.
                 I thank God for blessing me with such an amazing women in my life, amazing mother and amazing best friend. I thank you for raising me to be the women I am today.

                   I love you mum and miss you so much.


Lots of love, hugs and kisses from

Then :


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