Hamad Al Fardan Aka The Mystro

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Name: Hamad Al Fardan aka The Mystro
Age: 25
Nationality: Bahraini
Occupation: TV Presenter and Hip Hop Artist
Website: www.djoutlaw.com


1) What do you love about Hip Hop and Rap ?

I love the fact that hip hop is lyrical art and I love the honesty of that art and how it can be deliver a topic easily to the listener without restrictions like other types of music.

2) When did you start rapping ?

I started when I was 17, writing lyrics about things that happened in my life and with the love for rap I decided to combine it together. When I met DJ Outlaw who is the middle east best DJ, I joined the outlaw productions about two years ago and started from then and still continuing.

3) Why did you choose to rap in Arabic?

Well I first looked into the scene and found thousands of rappers who rapped in English and a few who rapped in arabic who are good. I am good in Arabic as its my first language and I found it more fun and its a blessful language and it fits with hip hop art. Arabic rap is currently growing and I think one day it will be one of the important genre in the Middle East. 

4)Who or what is you inspiration?

My inspiration is the man Dj Outlaw, we work 24/7 to make it happen and we motivate each other in chasing our dreams. 
5) How did the name “Mystro” come to be?

We were in the studio one day and I was recording when one of the Outlaw members told me that this was the best arabic rap he has heard and said to me “You really mastered it, you The Mystro”, and since then I liked the name and made it official. 

6) How does fashion blend in with you life?

After I released a couple music videos I started to recieve a lot of phone calls from fashion companies and modelling. I accepted a few that would help me with what I am doing in music.

7) Whats is your must have in your wardrobe?

My caps and alot of dark colour clothing.

To check out “The Mystro” Album : Click Here

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