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Owners/ Designers:
Yolande Richards
How did Fun over Fame come together?
Fun over Fame was name that we, my kids and I, came up with. It started off as funoverfame music stuido. Where we sould help local and upcoming artist with recording vocals and writing songs.
When did it become fun over fame ?
It became Fun over Fame whe I actually stopped chasing the so called “FAME” and starting to put 100% “FUN” back into everything we do.
It was the belief that we can have fun at everything we do, because we all pray and work hard towards being successful but we sometimes forget to have fun.
Why did you want to put it on to t-shirts and sweaters?
My son Elijah at 5 years old, came to me one day and said “Dad, can I have fun over fame t-shirt?” then, the light bulb went off in my head, we could have a funoverfame clothing line and apparel.
I give my son all the credit for the establishment, I am just the architect .haha!
This is some of the FUN OVER FAME clothing :

For more information on FUN OVER FLAME: CLICK HERE
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Fun over Fame is someting that I completely agree on. Some do not realise you may run after the fame but are you really enjoying yourself? Was that you main goal in life? Sometimes we all need to come down to earth and realise if you do not have a little bit of fun and enjoy life as it come then you have lost yourself through this journey.  

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