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Izmir, the new Turkish restaurant on East Street in Horsham. I love Turkish food but I always find it hard to find a good one in Sussex until I tried Izmir. I went to the restaurant recently to try out whether they really brought Turkish food and hospitality. The results after filling my belly with good food is as is…..

Food and Drink

Its not a large menu, so its easy to read. It has all the Turkish food must try. The price is reasonable for what they offer on their plate. I tried the Izmir Special which is £38.90 and it feeds 2 to 3 people. The special has lamb and chicken shish, lamb ribs, chicken wings with rice, salad and bread. It was tasty, and enough to feed 2 to 3 people. I think as soon as I finished my main, I need to be rolled out of the restaurant. They have about 4 to 5 dessert choices. I tried their baklava, which did not disappoint. My mother has the rice pudding, which she finished with a smile on her face.

The drinks choices were unlimited and a good choice. I tried their Turkish white wine with my main course. It is definitely a must try, it even went well with my mix grill. I had the Turkish tea with my dessert, it was a good mixture of taste as it mellowed the sweet taste of the syrup on the baklava.

Customer Service

The service in Izmir was outstanding. The manager, Ralph who served my table was outstanding. He was helpful in helping us decide what to try at the restaurant. The rest of the staff were also kind, caring and always with a smile on their face. They made me feel at home at the Izmir.


I would definitely be going back to Izmir for lunch or dinner. I highly recommend them for those that like food made from the heart. Their interior is bright, welcoming and still cozy. They have a wonderful open kitchen, so you can see you food in the kitchen.

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  1. My mom is obsessed with anything Turkish and we took her to a Turkish restaurant once, and she cried. We are planning a trip to Turkey next year, as a matter of fact. It’s really my sister’s solo trip but we’ve all decided to ambush it.

    I cannot wait to try all these yummy food.

  2. Everything I see here makes my mouthwatering. They are all delicious and looks like a perfect place for us to visit on this holidays.

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