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I used to hear all about Flyhweel when I was in Scotland and the amazing results you get from it. I decided it was time to try it myself as I am aiming to keep fit this year and be healthy. It all started on a Friday morning at 8:30am at the Burj Views Branch with my dearest friend Dana Al Adham as the instructor. It may be too early in the morning for most but I usually wake up at 7am to go to the gym since I moved back. I realised the early morning work out is great to start your day and keep the energy up.

I decided to join Dana’s class because as knowing her from high school she was always so hyper, which I assumed did not change…. And I was…….. RIGHT!!!! She kept the energy up from the beginning to end of the class and made us work everything. The music was great at it just made the class keep going till the very end. Of course I need to say that I realised I do not have enough stamina but its just the first class, in time I will just be invincible.

The Burj Views branch 🙂 

The inside of the class… what I love is they close the lights just enough so you don’t actually feel like anyone is looking at you. You aim to just look and listen to the instructor and it sort of gives me a calming effect. There were points I thought I would give up but I realised that if I did I would not feel good about myself. 

I was in front of the class like a wee nerd, eager to succeed at being fit. They provide you with shoes the click on to the bike which I found really good because my feet always slip of the bike at times. 

There are a few good things about the class such as the first class free so you would be able to have a taster to continue on. You book online to have your seat and your shoes are ready when you arrive. I really like how helpful everyone is at Flywheel especially for the first timers like me. The instructors are helpful and are there if you need to know how to position your seats in order to bike properly.

For more on FlyWheel: CLICK HERE

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