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All the rave in exercise is FlyBarre at Flywheel and didnt understand why till I tried a class… I have to say it was what I have always needed in my life. As I do have a problem with my spine and I am slowly building up the muscle after my treatment, it tends on being difficult to find exercises that suit me. I tried a class with Patricia Kallidis, who I have known from school and dance classes with Sharmila. She was informative and pumping with excitement, she is also such an inspiration. Patricia is a certified Yoga instructure and you can check more about her on instagram @Yogabypatty. This time I headed over to Flywheel’s other brand at Gold and Diamond Park. 

The classes worked every part of my body from beginning to the end of class, it is not easy on your first day but I managed to finish the 45 minute class with a smile. I loved that the music played in the class because I felt energtic but yet calm because of stretching the muscles. As I have Scolosis I found that this class great because it has helped me slowly build those back muscles.

I took different sizes of weights and as I am suppose to start with the heaviest until I find the right weight to do some of the exercises. Patricia always says ‘Listen to you body’, which is very true… LISTEN TO YOU BODY. The bands were used for some exercises which was good for the back and the core but we also later used to for the arms. 

This is FlyWheel Gold and Diamond Park Branch 

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