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As a new year begins we all have a few new goals to add to our list. I still have keeping fit on mine but this time its ‘ Pushing my fitness level’. I moved back to the UK but to a new town, which means I needed to look for a new gym. I picked the nearest to my flat ( to be honest I am lazy if I have to take a bus to get to it….. fitness level will be on 0), so the Pavilion in the Park it is.

As starting in a new gym I had a PT session with a young lady named Ami, who put me into a routine of testing my ability and to push hard with different workouts. Of course I dont follow everything she does, but I try to do as much with my own work outs I usually do. I am not a professional so please don’t take my workouts as something you need to follow. I do believe everyone has a different body and some workouts have to be mixed due to several matters.


I pushed on doing intervals through my runs because I usually just run to reach 5km but the results werent to my satisfaction. I run for about 15 to 20 mins of intervals 4 times a week before doing any other work outs.


After a sweaty session on the treadmill, I head on to rowing for about 10 mins.. ( I try to make it to 10 mins). I tend to make a playlist for certain workouts I do especially when it comes to rowing, running or cycling.


I tend to change my routine between the rowing machine and cycling… as no one wants to be predictable everytime. I do about 5 to 10 minutes with sprints and hills.


After the madness of running or rowing or cycling for nearly 25 minutes… stretching is next. I am usually feel like jelly after it all.


Now… when I think the hardest part is finished, I look down and see this. Its time for squats and a little bit of arms. I am not usually the happiest person when it comes to weights and squats…. but a girls got to do what it takes to keep my bum in shape. I will hopefully have my PT take picks of what she tortures me with.


If I am not lifting weight, I usually work with TRX exercises and a ball. I love doing the TRX workouts because I just need my body weight to do it. I push really hard to strength my back and core as well as my thighs. There are a few instagram account which have some workouts to try or just hashtag #trxworkouts or #trxtraining . When it comes the ball, I take a 4-6 kg ball to work on those abs… we all want those hot bikini body abs … ( haven’t got there yet, on the journey).

As some of you know I have Scoliosis.. you would think that would be an excuse to be a lazy bum…. NOOOOOOOT. I get up every morning and do back exercises and after work push myself in the gym or exercise classes. There is no excuse today to be lazy to the point of being overweight. Try to make your aim or goal this year to be healthy with eating the right food and exercising. The results are amazing and the energy is up 10 levels.



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