Trying out sportswear is great especially from the unexpected supermarkets like Aldi. Aldi has brought out an affordable sportswear collection and I had chance at trying them out. It is called “Shape up for summer”- signs of bikini body season is closer than we think. There were a few test I had to go through such as sizing, fabric, quality and many others. I also looked into how it also hugs my figure – you know the typical things we women look at. All this due to my weight loss – Check this .

Aldi knew I loved bright colours and made it in lime green- just joking. The leggings are a size small and fit me just right, the sports bra was fitting and colourful in a size small and the top was loose and light in a medium.  I decided to put it through the test- walking was great as it was stretchy, running was okay but get ready to sweat alot, in circuit training it was just fine and didn’t rip ( always a good sign ).

Finding the right fitting sports bra is always difficult for me as well as the quality. I tried the bra on and it fit just right, the fabric is soft and with a lovely cover texture. The texture in the front of the bra is great while running and circuit training as its not see through and my nipples don’t show through my top ( it tends on making me feel uncomfortable).

Aldi has truly stepped up to creating fun, colourful and good quality gym wear at affordable prices. The are all in store and online… 🙂 Definitely worth trying out. If they are out of stock I am afraid its because of the prices. 🙂  In total for a whole look you can get a top, bra, leggings, socks and trainers for £30.95 – really who says you have to break the bank to keep fit and look good!!!????!!!!

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