Firas Al Bakri Aka JustClickit!!!

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Name: Firas Al Bakri Aka JUSTCLICKIT!
Age: 20
Nationality: Omani/Haitian
Course: Screen Production


1) When did you decide you want to get into djing?

When I was about 17 years old, I went to a nightclub in Cannes for the summer and Steve Aoki ( World’s 42nd best DJ) was djing on that night. I was stunned and imagined myself being up on stage one day and to explode everyone’s mind.

2) When did you start getting into creating your own mixes?

Immediately when I was done with my summer in Cannes, I started using Virtual DJ on my laptop then later saved up money to buy myself a Pioneer DDJ-T1 Kontroller- which was worth £1000 at the time!

3) How long does it take to make on of your mixes?

I can make a mix right now if I want, it take me less than an hour. What matters is how you perfect the flow and great choices of tracks.

4) How did you get so popular? Do you play anywhere, like events, clubs or other places?

I think it when I released my first mix “I’M ON A CAMEL B*TCH Vol.1”, lots of people sent in positive feedback and I was like this is better than I expected. I stopped playing at houses or weddings for many reasons. I mostly aim on playing at clubs.

5) How do you get inspired to create a mix?

Inspiration..whenever I dig deep through several releases and listen to tracks and gives me goosebumps. That’s when I start putting all of what I heard together and making it into a what I call a “masterpiece”. Some of my favourite producers also inspire me to produce such as Maya Jane Coles, Noir, Axwell, Laidback Luke, Steve Aoki.

6) What advise do you have for the youngsters that want to get into Djing?

If you love what your doing, keep doing it and quote I always keep saying is “Most people’s dreams get shattered because someone else’s unbelief influenced them to not believe!”. Believe in yourself!

7)What do you call your style of fashion?

The one that does not follow trend. Not calling myself a hipster but I am who I am. If I see what I like and if it fits and looks good on me, then it’s going straight to my wardrobe.

8) Where do you like to shop at?

I don’t stick to a specific store, but I sometimes prefer Topman and H&M.

9) What your favourite country to shop in?

LONDON all day everyday!

Firas is a wonderful, talented and ambitious person. He loves djing and shows it through his amazing mixes. 

To Hear More About Firas Aka JUSTCLICKIT!!! Check out his mixes HERE!

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