Festival: Enchanted Horsham Has Captured The Hearts Of Many

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A good year for a great festival, Enchanted Horsham. This is a festival I have gotten really excited about since moving to Horsham. The 3 day festival of enchanting stories, good food, great music and fun, that brought alot of excitement for adults as well as kids. This year I had the opportunity to be on the social media team as the Instagram princess ( my own made up title hahhaa) . Its was a wonderful journey being able seeing the process to the opening day as well as how the team works.

The event had a variety of vendors from food and drink, jewellery, clothing, toys, home interior, silent disco, silent cinema and more. The event didn’t leave anyone out especially with the music and entertainment. Through the day Gnomus walked around the park, with stories of enchanting Horsham. At around 8:30pm there was the show where Gnomus meets the fire breathing dragon and then around 10pm we have the Lips show. All of these were made by Puppets with Guts. It was definitely was worth seeing.

Through the day there was live music from the main stage and band stand , circus, the silent disco and talking cows walking around ( I was very entertained by talking cows for 10 minutes hahahaha) .

The food was amazing as always at Enchanted and something I always tend to look forward to. Their food vendors were :

Urban Larder
Gourmet Griddle
Garlic Wood Farm
Seitan’s Jackfruit Garden
Curry Squad
Ginger Rookes
This Fine Day
Barnyard Birds
Hits the Spot
Cup of Rosie
Wow Churros
Cool Beanz Coffee Co
Vintage Scoops
The Gin Hand
Tally Ho
Guns N Posies
Copper Pan Fudge
Just Love Brownies
Laura Sweets

There was another vendors from face painting and glitter ( Glitteratti and Trading faces) , balloon pets ( Walking Balloons) , cosmetics and fashion ( Guns n Posies, Exotic Jewels , Velvet Rose Boutique, Just as Strange As I Am ). There was also a mini fashion show to raise money for Chestnut Tree House . There was such a variety that it was an event made for everyone.

Enchanted Horsham doesn’t just stop with that they had music of all kinds and brought it some really cool bands to perform.

They mixed it up with circus from The Soapbox Circus on one end of area and a lovely man with many tricks Dan The Hat on another. I certainly didn’t find a boring moment through the 3 days.

There was also different spots of Enchanted where you can see dragon eggs. fire breathing dragons and mermaids. I felt like I was in a different world after 8:30pm.

The one thing I was also happy to be able to experience was the silent disco and silent movie. It was different and alot of people enjoyed it. I especially loved the silent movies because of 3 days they played my favourite movies. It was a good chance for some candy floss from Candy Queens and movie.

My overall experience at Enchanted Horsham this year was even better than last year. It has alot to do, see , eat and enjoy for adults, teens and kids. The tickets were reasonably priced when you went on to Groupon and Wowcher. The lines were not as long as last year due to having 3 entrances. I can’t wait for next year.

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  1. It looks like Horsham Festival was a lot of fun, with so many great things to do. I would go next year even if just for the food, what a great selection! And the lips show looks quite spectacular.

  2. Oh my goodness, this place looks beautiful! Although I’ve never been to Horsham before myself, I would love to make my way over in the near future. Thanks for sharing all of this! 🙂

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