Femi Ogunjobi Aka Sky Boii … New Talent!

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Name: Femi Ogunjob ( Stage name Sky Boii)
Nationality: British
Occupation:  Song Writer, Recording artist for History in The Making Records


1) What do you love about music?
I love the way music is a universal language, it has the ability to up life people as there are different types of songs to match whatever mood you are in.

2) When did you start getting into music?
Since the age of 11, when I saw my cousin and older brothers rapping.

3) Do you write your own lyrics?
Yes I do

4) What was your first song?
My first song I ever released as a solo artist was ‘My journey’.

5) What projects are you up to this year? Any new music videos or collaborations?
I am releasing my 1st official single this year which is titled ‘Come On Girl’ it features the very talented Johnny Mirza.

6) What is the music scene like for the type of rappers in Edinburgh?
If is definitely developing as a lot of people are interested in the music, myself and various other rap artist based in Edinburgh are making it happen.

7) How does fashion reflect on your style?
My sense of fashion is very unique as I do not follow trends, I like to see myself as a trend setter. I am in the process of bring out my own clothing line which is called A.O.K (Always on Key).

8)What advice do you ave for those who want to get into rapping and doing hip hop at this point , especially in Edinburgh?
If you are not going to give it all. then don’t bother getting into it because hard work is key when you are trying to be successful.

New Release : Come on Girl 

YouTube Link: Click Here  
 Check out Sky Boii’s Page on Facebook with all his upcoming events and things he does through his music career. 

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