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It is finally time to get my mad world on to camera by filming it … so I am now on youtube. It turns out to be alot of fun especially editing everything together and creating a beautiful story. I have followed alot of youtubers and have been inspired by them with their fashion, food, fitness and a load of traveling. 

world fo faz


A few videos are already up… from my life in Dubai to move back to the UK … Adventures are just about to begin. 


This is my first ever proper edited video on youtube in collaboration with the amazing Mohamed Idris . 


My first photoshoot in West Sussex with designer Biscuit Couture, photographers Josh Riddle and Adriane and Make up Artist Saliah … I modeled with Benz 


This was a recent trip to Totnes, Devon… I loved this trip because I started pushing myself to explore more. My friend Joe helped me with a bit of filming and being my tour guide. 

I hope you like the video.. Check out my channel .. WORLD of FAZ 

Let me know what you think on the channel and what you want to see next.. 🙂 

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