Fashion Victims Season 2 in Dubai

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Fashion Victims is set to bring in a platform for more talented designers in the Middle East. I attended the raved event at Atlantis Palm Jumeira with my fashionable mother and sister. It started earlier on in the day with workshops but I attended the fashion shows instead from 2:30pm till about 9pm. 

I decided to go as comfortable as possible as it was a few hours of me running from show to show and one hall to another. The designers they picked to showcase their work were lovely and different which is what we need in Dubai. 
I missed the first show but managed to make it to the rest. I started with Esmod Dubai who had designers Amira Salim and Canella Hostel. 
Amira Salim, the words creative and out of the box comes to mind when I saw her collection. It was fun, it was creative and definitely colourful. The collection is called ‘Score’ is a fusion of ice hockey, bull-fighting and Faberge eggs transcribed into a rock glam style. 

 I would happily rock this from Dubai to Edinburgh !
 I loved this because what looks like a cap was first a bag… it is a fun concept !

Most of her collection I would wear it out … I am just crazy enough to love such beautiful clothing. 

Canella Hostal has a mixture for me of things I like with her prints which we bright and modern. Her collection had a contemporary feel from her cut outs.

 I loved the jacket.. how the jacket was blended with her prints a stand out!

I like the mixture of fabrics but not a fan of the wing.. I don’t think it reflected nicely on this collection. 

Taibo Bacar I loved from the prints which was stood out to me ..the collection is called “A Luta Continuae” which was inspired by the current situation in Mozambique. 

 The combination of colour just stood out … 🙂 
 The coat was lovely due to the pattern
 Its bling bling all over!
There are pieces of the collection I would happily wear as they were colourful and fun. 

Joshua Fenu put together a lovely collection of heels and bags which I loved. The inspiration from flowers and animals from the tropical jungle were perfect. I am afraid to say I wouldn’t wear most the heels because even with high they are, they don’t look stable enough and I have a feeling I will just damaged my ankle. 
 This was by far my favourite pair of heels… Loved the colours and style.
 Looks so elegant 

Math was just put together in the right spots from the simple but yet modern style pieces. 
 This is a piece I would wear with a pair of skinny jeans and my hi-tops for a casual day out or a pair of heels to dress it up !
 I really liked this… I would wear them together but all seperately 🙂 which is great as their are so many ways to wear it !

Amato…. All I can say it was out of this world. 🙂 The video in the beginning which really explained the collection to come. I would wear every single piece even to the grocery store.. hahahaa
The inspiration of romantic shakespearean tales of a different era came through with his use of beautiful textures, exquiste materials and divine embellishment techniques. 

 This took me to another world…. 
Armato’s collection really brings out another side to a women… from strength to beauty!

Fashion Victim was an interesting event, the designers were a mixtures which was great and the location was beautiful. I have to thank Katch PR for inviting me through 🙂

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