Fashion Gone Social in Edinburgh

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Sometimes an hour of sitting and listening to thoughts of great minds is just what you need to boost your brain for more ideas. I went to Fashion Done Social Event at the Waldrof Astoria Hotel which was organised by Youth Juice. 

The panel had blogger Sheri Scott from Forever Yours Betty, Richard from Abandon Ship Apparel, Ruth Walker from Crave , Cally from Mallzee and Claire Sturart from Beewaits who was asking the panel the needed questions. ( I forgot to put together that the lovely Sheri and Claire are the ladies behind Betty & Bee.. amazing PR in Scotland)

The discussion between the panel brought to the plate “The Present and The Future”. It made the audience understand how the digital world of social media has developed in businesses, editorial, shopping and a bloggers world. The interaction with customers through hashtag or a wee tweet has put alot of brands on the market to increase sales. 
In the terms of fashion bloggers, it can be fun and sometimes alot of work but to have to chance to have your say in what you wear is great. Sheri made a point that the social media has allowed bloggers to have their own voice. As bloggers we choose what we like, and that’s how we build our blog and audience. 
An app I have on my phone is Mallzee which interacts with shoppers through choices they have made. I love how much they support bloggers through their lovely blog and now there bloggers choice of clothing on the app. 
Crave magazine is a whole other world, which are being watch world wide with their wonderful editorials. They are also a company which supports the bloggers all over the UK and provide wee little things to push our own blog ( more to come on that later on).  

I took a few tips from the panel which I had not looked into and researching into other aspects of the social media world. 

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