Fashion Fringe- Christopher Kane!

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      The highlight of my week was getting to see Christopher Kane at the Edinburgh College of Art. The Fashion Fringe and Colin McDowell set up a conversation with Christopher Kane, where there were alot of questions that most young talented students in fashion wanted to know from the experts. Christopher Kane was open about how he started and his journey to become the designer he is today. One thing that I certainly liked hearing was that he loved his family and without their support he wouldnt have pushed himself so hard to be who he is today. Christopher had established his label with the help of his sister Tammy who had studied textiles at Heriot Watt University. It was certainly interesting to know how he was inspired , how he knows Dontella Versace and what happens when creating your own fashion line from the business to the creative part, especially making 10 collections a year. 

This conversation with Christopher Kane was certainly inspiring and motivating.

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