Fashion Clinique… The New Events To Come!!

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Fashion Clinique is a new fashion events company bringing the best brands to the catwalks of Scotland. The duo Paulina and Tayo decided they wanted to start with the city they know and love, Edinburgh with the Hawes & Curtis Fashion show on Tuesday 1st April 2014 at Le Monde.

I was privileged to get a little interview with Paulina and Tayo on the company and their new fashion show hitting Edinburgh soon. 

What made you both want to be in the fashion industry ?

Paulina: Myself and Tayo were both involved in the fashion industry over the past few years. I have been a freelance fashion stylist in the past and Tayo organized number of fashion shows and events. 
We thought it was time to set up something together in and industry we both love and have passion towards. 

Who are your target customers for this fashion Clinique?

Our target market is diverse, we want to appeal to everybody that are either interest in fashion, want to promote their brand, we co-operate with models, artist, designers or people that just looking for different kind of entertainment and networking. 

What are the kind of shows do you put together at Fashion Clinique?

This year majority for our projects are strongly focused on co-operation between Fashion Clinique and different fashion brands. We want to get on board different suppliers and sponsors so the shows can appeal to various groups of people.

The 1st fashion show for Fashion Clinique on 1st April 2014, Tell me more about it!

Our show is very interactive with the public. We not only want to build up the brands awaerness of Hawes and Curtis but we want to give something back to the public . We have number of sponsors that are involved in the fashion show from Jason Hall Hairdressing, Le Monde, Lovella, Penhaligons, The Ritz Bar and Grill, Culture Lounge and The Newsroom. Everybody will be entitled to the goody bag that include sample of beauty product vouchers and special surprise from Hawes and Curtis. The money collected from the raffle draw will be donated to Spinal Research, who are chosen charity for this show. 

The excitement for this show is growing and the support is amazing.It is a great team working together, in order to provide a quality show in Edinburgh. I am even more excited as I am the stylist for the women’s section of the fashion.

For more information on buying tickets for Hawes & Curtis Fashion show by Fashion Clinique:

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