Fashion Clinique Success with Hawes and Curtis Fashion Show !

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It was a huge success for the first show of Fashion Clinique for Hawes and Curtis at Le Monde, Edinburgh. 

I was part of backstage as a stylist and a sort of backstage manager, from making from sure models were ready to the point they finished the show. The team backstage was fantastic, hair by Jason Hall Hair dressing Team, make-up various talents , stylist and backstage assistants. 

From when the show started I saw the cheerful smiles of the audience excited with what they saw so far. The host was a comedian , the support given for Spinal research and the prizes given out from the draw was great. The prizes came from their sponsors Le Monde, Newsroom,  As the show started, lights were on what Odi and I put together for men and women. There was a mixture of looks from the sophistication of an office, to the walks in the park and the shopping spree of Paris. The looks put together brought out a different side of how to wear shirts for women and men. 

Paulina and Tayo are certainly a great duo with ideas of fashion and events for Scotland. They are creative, spontaneous , helpful and always coming up with an new idea for something to get everyone excited for.
As going through the process with Fashion Clinique, I certainly can’t wait to see what their next project is. 

 Photographers for the event : Bart Jurkowski PhotographyLuke Garstka Photography and Dora Kovacs Photography 

Urszula Prokop, Jacqueline Pereira, Joshephine Lieshout,Micheala Lattenbergova, Monika Wiktorowicz, Nicole Kennedy , Alan Estades, Calum Shambolic, Le RossoMicheal Mcgeorge, Pawel Kusior, Valentino Molfino

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