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Little boutiques for menswear are usually hard to find, so when one comes along its better mention it to all like Apache Menswear. A lot of my friends come to me complaining there is nothing for men, as in stylish and unique due the industry being consumed with womenswear. I came across Apache in horsham and yes even in little towns there are a few unique places. The reason why this boutique cause my eyes was FARAH !!! I know it sounds silly but the brand has my name on it. 


When I was in the boutique I found alot of brands from Farah , Fred Perry, Lyle and Scott, Replay, Diesel, Gabicci Vintage, Guide London and Jigger Lord Berlue. The clothing are reasonably priced for the clothing provide especially for blazers and jackets. I found some great pieces that goes with everything most men wear and can be dressed up or down.


Quality jeans are a man’s must have in a wardrobe… If you say No..Thats a lie! Apache provides are variety or styles and colours. Diesel is great for jeans and the price is just right for the quality and condition of them. 


Lets talk about Lyle and Scott a brand with all styles and colours for all men.. I like the brand for the quality! I love that is made in Scotland. What I have seen at the Apache store was a basic selection that is great for the ready to wear look. 


Those men who love their blazers, look at this beauty from Guide London. I even fell in love with as its great with everything. I know most of guys are looking at this and saying ” I don’t like the inside of this”.. Just think of it as an added touch of colour. If you put it all together- White shirt, blue, black, purple ( btw this list could go on forever), a pair of trousers in grey, black or even a beige or even jeans with some brogues or even some other causal wear. You could actually have your day and night outfit sorted without having to over do it. 

Styling for men all sorted in one great store ….. Whats stopping you now?!!! 



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