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Expose-communiction, whos clients of talents collections keep on growing every season. I attended their Press Day for A/W 2015 of the collections to be realised and its exciting. There is colours, new styles and happiness all in a box. 

Designer 24,  where you rent  beautiful dresses from top designers. I have to say I want to wear all the dresses, the colours are beautiful and the styles suit everyone. 

I think it best sometimes to just rent a dress for occassions because if we bought every dress, the wardrobe might need its own room. Designer 24 has unique pieces to wear for any occassion! 

Wedding season is not far off ladies… 🙂 

 Bedouin, a brand I love for it simplicity. The designer uses a few colours and create a wearable collection which can go from A/W 2015 into every other season after that. 

I love this Star jacket with a summer skirt or even a pair of jeans 🙂
Fitplum, keeping fit in style is a trend in Dubai. Fitplum is great with all the colour you can mix and match, who said you should wear black to keep fit. 
 Biolite products are unbelievable amazing, from the quality to the effect on the skin. 
I am big The Happy Box fan ever since I met the lady behind it all.. its a wonderful concept and something I believe will be big. For those that want to do more with your children, I do believe Happy Box is just the way forward. 

 Zena Presley is the new designer to look at in Dubai. Her designers are colourful and creative using artist drawings on skirt and tops. 

 colour colour colour… makes the day so much better.
 Kage is great for those perfect staple clothing you need to have every season:) They always have a collection that also flatters those ladies curves as well as style. 

 OTT is my colour obsession designer, I love it because the colours and designs get crazier every time. 

 This jacket has a train as well.. its perfect with a pair of black trousers, high heels and wavy hair 🙂 I would certainly wear this in Scotland. 

I want to go DISCO nooooooow ! 

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