Evey Gutman…New Talent!

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Profile :

Name: Evey Gutman
Nationality: Latvian
University/College: Telford College
Course: Art and Design


What got into photography?

Photography pick me more than I picked it! For as long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated by the beautiful photography and the ideas photographers come up with. I remembered when I got my first camera, I was about 13 and it was a present from my brother, who was an amateur photographer himself but I never let go of that camera ever since.

What catches your eye when taking pictures?

These is no particular thing, it just sort of just happens when I see something that catches my eye. I’d always try to capture it the way I see it, in a hope that everyone would be able feel that emotion I felt while capturing that moment.

What kind of photography are you interested in ?

I’m open minded to everything !!!

Evey’s photography gives me a feeling of ” I wish I was in that moment”, she takes pictures of everything and does not limit herself. She likes trying different kinds of photography and its shows in her work how she loves it all.

 These are some of the pictures from Evey Gutman and there is more to come!
 This is one of my favourite pictures !!! It is such a touching picture.Love it!

For more information on check out Evey Gutman’s Photography on Facebook

Evey Gutman is a wonderful person with alot of passion and creativity, she is someone I can see have an exhibition or be in magazines. Evey is someone to keep an eye on as one day her work will be all over the world.

Good Luck Evey!

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