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Name: Emma Louise Quinn
Nationality: Scottish
University: Heriot Watt University, Scottish Borders Campus
Course: Textile & Fashion Design Management


What made you want to be in Fasion ?
When I was in Primary 5 at school, I watched a documentary about the life of Gianni Versace and I fell head over  heels in love with clothes.

Who is you inpsiration?
Patsy Stone, she’s my actual hero!

What made you want to start styling?
It’s always been something I loved. I find personal styling fascinating, I started doing it in my spare time when a friend got me a styling role on a really great photo shoot.

I saw some of you work, What is your motivation and inspiration to create the themes for your styliing work?
A lot of the time it’s up to the photographer to pick the theme, so I just have to work to a brief. However, when given the opportunity to pick y theme. I look to look at things such as weird cult films, old photographs, books, music etc. I think it make it more interesting than just working to current fashion trends.

Who did you have work experience with ?
I’m really lucky yo have had quite a lot of work experience with different companies. I’ve worked as an intern for underground fashion showcase “In the Company of Wolves”. I’ve been an intern with the hugely talented Jennie Loof, who also gave me the opportunity to work as a wardrobe assistant during the Merchant City Festival. There was also Gilda & Pearl ligerie and the Oxfam Boutique.

How was the work experience?
I had a great time at all of them. I think there;s a lot to be said for working at small local organizations for work experience if you can’t afford a trip to London/NY etc. There’s usually a lot more than you think in places like glasgow and edinburgh, you just need to know where to look.

What was you role?
It varied a lot with each, but the sort of things I did included social media work; styling, assisting shoots. assisting with model casting, events, admin tasks, hand finishing garments, preparing orders, visual merchandising. Oh, and carrying stuff, in every single role I spent a lot of time carrying heavy things.

Do you think after the experience you want to take styling to another level?
It’s something I’d love to do, but at the moment with styling I need to work for free and to be honest on a student budget  that’s impossible. This makes it really difficult to progree.

What do you hope to do after finishing university?
I’d love to work in high end lingerie. My ultimate would be a head office job with Agent Provocateur or Coco de Mer.

Check out Emma’s blog http://www.emmalouque.blogspot.com
Emma is a creative and lovely young talent, KEEP AN EYE ON THIS LADY!
You might just open a magazine one day and find out that this talent is the women behind it all.

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