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Name: El-Jammi Gozalli
Nationality: Azeri/Turkish
Occupation: Founder and Editor of The Ways + Designer of “El-J
Website: http://www.the-ways.com/


1) What do you love about fashion?
There is nothing I can say I love about fashion, I just love fashion itself. I barely follow trends, or anything people start talking about that “It’s in fashion now!”. I make fashion for myself, the only designers I might follow sometimes is Tom Ford and Chanel of course.

2) What made you open an Online Magazine, The-Ways?
I’ve been working for a while in POSE Magazine as a fashion assistant, because I’m studying journalism and I really loved it. So after I left, I decided to open an online magazine where I can show people special beauty tips and photo-shoots where I was styling models myself.

3) What is the ways all about?
The-Ways is all about life-style, fashion, local designers and many more.

4)An Editor and designer as well, What is your t-shirt label “El-J” all about?
My t-shirt label is all about expressing something unique and explaining that t-shirt is not so simple as it might look sometimes. I’m making my T-shirts something that you can wear for dinner, university and any event.

5)What is your new collection all about?
My new collection is very different from my first one. The first collection was very glamorous and loads of bright colours, something that was for the summer. This new collections us prints from the photo shoot that I did and shoulder pads. I’m really happy that I got so much feedback from people after an hour when I posted the pictures of the new collection. I got orders from England, Cyprus and Turkey. It was really magical to feel how people even outside the Gulf wanted the t-shirts especially from England and other places.

6) Where can you get the collection from?
My first collection is in O-Concept boutique and soon I will be launching in Cream Jeddah Boutique. As well I will soon be launching the website where everyone will be able to order online.

7) What advise do you have for those who want to do a magazine or who want to open their own fashion line?
I’m just wishing everyone to follow their dreams, the most important thing whatever you do is that it is not a competition with someone else, each one of the designers or journalists make or write something unique. So my advise is to be who you are all the way , because sometimes it is very hard to stay who you are around the media industry.

8) What is your 5 year plan?
Inshallah, I’ll launch my boutiques around the world. First, I’ll take over Middle East, then Turkey, Moscow and will see where God will take me. Right now I’m just concentrating more on my brand, so we will see how it goes.

El-Jammi is a lovely young lady with full of energy and ideas. I love that she is passionate about what she does and doesn’t let any negative comment effect what she loves to do. She is a kind and caring person.

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