Edinburgh Online Fashion Week Live!

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Monday 22nd October 2012 started out with an amazing bang to the start of Edinburgh Online Fashion Week going live. It has been getting amazing reviews and over 9000 views since it started. As this being the first Fashion Week in Edinburgh it has brought such a great vibe around the world.
Being part of this time is amazing, working with Gary Anderson has been amazing and still is. Gary is passionate about what he does and it can be seen with all the work he has put together for this fashion week. The team behind him are 100% behind him and his dream, from styling, hair, make-up, bloggers, press and more.

This is just some of the shows!!! While checking out the shows…. check out the Backstage!

Stayed tuned for more on this amazing few days …. so far is day 3 and there is more to come till day5.

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