Edinburgh International Fashion Festival : Symposium 2013

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This is my first time attending Symposium 2013 at Edinburgh International Fashion Festival and it was worth every minute of it. There was a lot of inspirational talents, that came to talk to us about their careers in short from beginning to end and their ideas of the future. 

There was : 
Amanda Mackenzie Stuart– The Author, Biographer to Diana Vreeland
Dorothea Gundtoft – Stylist and author of ‘Fashion Scandinavia’.
Professor Sandy Black – The author of ‘The Sustainable Fashion Handbook’.
Georgina Goodman Shoe Designer
Bella Freud -Fashion Designer and filmmaker
Amanda Harlech Creative consultant, author and artist
Paula Goldstein Digital Editor, Purple Fr
Jackie McGlone Cultural commentator
David Lindsay Net-a-porter, farfetch
Lauren Dyer Amazeen – CCA Chair and writer of Art Forum

 The symposium started with the Amanda Mckenzie Stuart giving as sweet talk about the book she wrote about Diana Vreeland. She started by reading a chapter from the book which I certainly found fascinating. 

The next talk in the symposium was with Dorothea Gundtoft, Lauren Dyer Amazeen and Jonathan Freemantle. The discussion talked about their careers and their ideas into the talents they had seen and have seen. Dorothea the author of ‘FashionScadinavia’ discussed about how she looked into the wonderful talents to create such a book. Lauren has had a large amount of years of experience in looking at talents grow and the space she created over the years of them to build up. 

 The third speaker was Professor Sandy Black who talked about her book ‘The Sustainable Fashion Handbook’. It was interesting to understand the research she did to put it all together. The fashion industry today has changed through the years and the ways of finding alternative methods of reusing fabrics in order to help earth, is available. 

The next speaker was shoe designer Georgina Goodman who was interviewed by Jackie McGlone. It was very exciting to know how she became such a crafted lady with shoes. Knowing what she wanted to after working in a magazine brought with great detail that she took it a step further and studied at London College of Art to became the designer she is today. It was such a delight knowing that anything is possible at any time in life. 

Bella Freud, a knitwear designer. Jackie asked her several questions on how she started and what made her do a short film for her collection. She felt like doing a film to get her collection across in a better way. 

It got more interesting when Amanda Harlech performed. She showed how clothes reflected your past from a mothers dress and outfits from shows to outfits worn. She brought out another side to fashion in explaining the past, present and even future. 

At the end there was a discussion panel between most of the speakers. It was Jackie McGlone, Georgine Goodman, Bella Freud, Amanda Harlech, Paula Goldstein and David Lindsay. They discussed a few matters such as social media and its effects from past to present. Does it effect their collection, process and the way they want it to be seen to the public. They also brought another matter just is how we value our clothing. We forget to realize the value of clothing and buy in quantities such as places like Primark instead of picking brands that are long lasting. Fast fashion has changed fashion to the point we buy, wear and if not needed we throw away.


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