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The end of the week is here but things are just starting. I attended the press day for the Edinburgh International Fashion Festival and it was wonderful as I got to meet Anna and Jonathan Freemantle as well as Clements Ribeiro

Anna and Jonathan Freemantle are the two people to look at when it comes to creating a hype in fashion with their wonderful concept of creating Edinburgh International Fashion Festival. This is a wonderful occasion that is spread into 2 weeks with various shows and talks to attend. 

Clements Ribeiro, Suzanne Clements and Inacio Ribeiro, who met at Central Saint Martin’s School of Art. They went through the process of graduation from CSM, married and the business came together after. 

Jonathan Freemantle with Clements Ribeiro 

 This is Clements Ribeiro and their discussion on why they choose Scotland to source their fabrics, especially Hawick Cashmere. They tested mixing cashmere from all countries but the Scottish cashmere seemed to fit mark and allowed them create wonderful designs.

This is Anna Freemantle dressed in on one of Clements Ribeiro designs.

I got to meet the lovely Clements Ribeiro and it was wonderful to see the work they come up with to create stunning collections.

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