Duo Boots Made For My Feet

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As I have weirdly awkward big feet, I tend on finding it difficult to find boots to suit my skinny ankles and legs. I attended a lovely event in Edinburgh for the shop DUO on Castle Street, I always looked at the boots but never knew the amount of services they provide and not just selling shoes.

The room was filled with talented you ladies of fashion in Scotland, each one of them are so different from each other. 

 These colours are perfect as they are not the typical black ankle boots I tend to always see. 
 The DUO Boots front window is red carpet ready!

 All the lovely blog stags for all the bloggers who attended the event !

 They ballerina’s were fun and funky as well as so comfortable!

 The PR princesses of DUO Boots showed us the choices, styles and things which would come in great use for us choosing boots. 

 This beautiful bottle green Brita boots was meant for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
 It arrived in the post….. 
 Its like Christmas came early for me, because comfortable boots for winter does not come into my life very often. 
 I feel in love with these boots from the colour to comfort but what I love about it… it fits perfectly on my legs. I have skinny ankles and just plain skinny calf’s so not boots actually fit me… Until these babies came into my life. 


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