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Dubai In A Frame, video blogging! I love the idea of video blogging even though it would take alot of time but Shweta Dembla makes it look easy. I was lucky enough to get an interview with the lady behind Dubai In A Frame.

What do you love about fashion?

It changes! Change is great thing and the obvious- a feel good factor that allow you to express yourself without saying anything. NVC at its best!

What made you want to do a video blog?

Broadcast journalism is something I wanted to get into for a few years now. Everything around us indicates that online is the way forwards. So. I thought, why not start my own broadcast stream online. Generation “Y” is growing up on YouTube as well and they constitute a huge portion of my target audience. Hence, the idea of a video blog.

Whats your routine on doing a video for your blog?

Tedious as compared to a written-only blog, as I prefer to accompany most videos with a written-up of my experience as well. I first edit my videos, add a bit of my own flavor in there ( comments, which are sometimes corny but get the message through), write about the event or the situation and then post it. The video is published on Youtube after I have finished editing it. That usually takes some time.

How long does it take to edit the videos for your blog?

About 2-3 hours, minimum.

I see that you do more than just fashion, what made you go further and do more?

Purely my interest in a variety of subjects. I love this question because it lets me tell you that’s it is possible to have a blog about various topics.

Whats your advise for those who are interested in doing a video blog?

It’s a full time job, unless of course you don’t plan on blogging everyday or frequently . And I would say, more importantly , the passion to ‘Capture’-Capture people, capture places, capture events…

Whats your summer must have item or clothing?

Flip flops and sunblock.

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