Dresses, Make-up and Inspiration with Caroyln Baxter

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A day of dresses, girl talk and inspiration from Carolyn Baxter is just what I love for a girls day. As part of S1 Jobs create a Job a few of my fellow bloggers and I were invited to attend Carolyn Baxter Boutique. I love Carolyn Baxter’s work as its truly breath taking.
I fell in love with Carolyn’s work every since I started my little internship of 2 beautiful years with Lynn McCrossan. Lynn used to bring Carolyn’s dresses to do photoshoots and it was love at first sight.

Carolyn Baxter is truly a lady that describes independence to me from past, present and future. She told us about how she first started from her Youtube Channel which is a sensation all over the world. As she kept progressing she developed new ways of creating her dream. I took down notes in developing my own online boutique, which is an idea for the future of FAZ’s crazy world. 

Caroyln giving us an indepth journey of how it all started for her…. she is inspiring !

 She has different styles and shapes which certainly flatters the body

 This was lovely … something I don’t think I could wear as I can’t show that much cleveage… but it is stunning, its all in my dreams…………………………

 She has added a few different pieces which are also timeless and elegant

Everyone who reads FAZFashionDiary knows my obsession with accessories especially jewellery. There were too many to pick from but I have to say I love my yellow dazzler!

This is another beauty that caught my eye !

It was make-up time at the event with Stacey Whittaker, who I have to say is a lovely lady of women power of Scotland. She is determined to make a difference in the world of make-up and fashion. I had a lovely chat with her about make-up and learned some fun tips to help me get that flawless look. Stacey has a new salon opening called Pouts and Pinups in Fife. She does make up for any special occassion but as well as added and extra bit of dedication … Make-up MasterClass !!!

 With blogger Mairi Lowe from Copper Pink

I am absolutely in love with this dress…. a beautiful train and a fantastic blend of colours. 

I enjoyed this event as it was educational to know the start of a business and the progress of the future. It brought a better idea of how things with in different parts of the fashion industry develop to succeed as a business as well as individuals. 
I have to thank S1 jobs for putting together such an event. 

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