Dominican Republic Rhythm in Edinburgh with ‘ If You Walk, You Can Dance’ !

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Dancing is my passion, so I decided to take on a new style of dancing Dominican Republic Salsa. The teachers are fantastic (Alex and Laura) who have put together ‘If You Walk, You Can Dance’, teaching the salsa, bachata and other Latin dances. 

The great thing to do is try most of the classes and see how you feel.The classes run through the week and some go with levels to help students develop. Bachata is my favourite dance, they teach the Dominican style and teaches the classes in stages to improve the style. Laura teaches Booiaka, it is a great way to work out and dance with choreographed routines.
If you want to practice the moves, they set up nights at El Barrio and Wash Bar, which provide a mix of classes and a party after with the animation team. The animation team put together a dance for everyone at the club to learn together, it brings a great atmosphere especially if you feel awkward at the corner. They have a mixture of wonderful DJ’s through the night who such as Dj Santana, Dj Ludy, Dj Tigueron and a few more. 
The classes are fun, and they teach in order for everyone to understand. They help gain the confidence to practice dancing especially at their parties, and with everyone being friendly enough to help out to learn the progress is always good. 

Alex and Laura 
Photo taken by : Strathemore Photography

For More Information on ‘If You Walk, You Can Dance’ : 

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