Dmitri Ruwan…A Man To Know

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Name: Dmitri Ruwan 
Age: 25
Nationality: Sri Lankan 
Occupation: Dubai Correspondenet for StyleHunter, Fashion Designer and Blogger 


1- What is fashion to you ?
Fashion is a mood of expression. It is an art form that is bereft of price tags and irrelevant of labels. Fashion to me, is when a person translates a part of their personalities via what they wear. 

2- Who are you fashion icons when it comes to mens style from celebs to designers? and why ?
I’ve personally always been fond of the bad-boys of golden-age cinema. James Dean, Gregory Peck, Sean Connery the boys of yester-year knew what true style was. High-waisted pants, crisp white shorts, perfect suits and dusky denim devoid, there was a time and a place for everything, yet there was room to break the mold. In terms of design, I’ve always been a Hedi Slimane Boy ( when he reinvented the menswear Homme), the skinny rocker silhouette which he’s carried on in a reinterpreted way at YSL, is equally fabulous. 

3-What inspires you when styling yourself? 

Men from the 18th century, all the way to the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s there is so much detail in vintage clothing. It’s hard to run out of inspiration when styling myself!

4- Describe men’s fashion in a few words.

Traditional, immaculate and precise

5- Describe you style in a few words

Vintage- dandy- conceptual -daring and contradictory. I added that last one because in some months, I’m in sharp suits and the next month I’m in vintage leather jackets, its all about taking risks and discovering who you are. Don’t live for instagram !

6- Best brands you think are hitting the right point on menswear.

YSL mens- creating wardrobe essentials with stellar cuts, luxurious fabrics and just the right amount of pzaaz. 
Salvatore Ferragamo- contemporary, classy and sophisticated
Alexander McQueen- consistently offering men alternate options from the boring conventional suit. There three, in a complete rotation are what caters to three segments of market at the moment. 

7-What made you want to be a fashion blogger?
Being an emerging designer with no magical financial backing, meant I needed an alternate way to correspond my thoughts to my buyers/ potential customers. What initially began as a personal and incredibly ‘candid’ diary style page, soon expanded into reviews, events features, editorials and much more. I would also call myself a designer, but in todays world I feel multi-tasking is a much needed trait.  

I met this lovely young man in March at a WeTrendStyle event and I have to say he is wonderful individual. I have got to know him from his honesty, kindness and a man who definitely has his own identity. 

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