Designer Talent 2014 by EMFS !

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The Edinburgh Metropolitan Fashion show was wonderful and a huge success. Designer talent 2014 show cased the best 5 talents chosen out of 30 designers. The event brought alot of amazing people together from industry and more.
 The Edinburgh Metropolitan Fashion team consist of amazing talents and wonderful people in order to bring this kind of event to Edinburgh. Tayo is the events director and myself who is the creative director, through the year they added to new members Eshiva and Sultana who are positive and hard working ladies who love fashion and events. 

Photo by Rab Stout

Photos by Kaz Strathemore 

The event was held in Le Monde upstairs in Dirty Martini, proving to be a outstanding location for a fashion show. The show was presented by the host Eshiva Wright, and started with 3 outstanding designers; Rachel McMillian, Nicci.N and Carolyn Edmondson. Through the show the three judges from industry analysed and put notes together in order to decide on the winners. The three judges consist of Lynne McCrossan ( fashion columnist for Edinburgh Evening news, and stylist), Colin Gilchrist ( fashion designers, the digital marking lead of The Social Tailor), and Ruth Walker ( the columnist and editor of Scotland on Sunday). 

Picture by : Toyan Oremule
Designer: Rachel McMillian

Picture by Col Walder
Designer: Nicci.N
Picture by: Rab Stout
Designer: Carolyn Edmondson

Photo by Toyan Oremule
The Judges

There was a short break after the 3 designers show cased their work. The break brought in a surprise performance from ‘Ifyouwalk, youcandance’ group, after learning salsa with them for a couple of month was privileged to perform with them on the night. Alex and Laura the teachers of the salsa and bachata group performed a soul performance together. 

‘Ifyouwalk,youcandance’ Performance

Picture by Kaz Strathemore
Teachers Alex and Laura

After the performance the show contiuned with the last two designers Christine Watson and Darren Ruddy who are from Heriot Watt University. 

Photo by Col Walder
Designer : Christine Watson 

Photo by Col Walder
Designer : Darren Ruddy 

In any competition there has to be a winner, after a discussion with the judges a winner was choose. The winner was Christine Watson with her fantastic collection combining beautiful fabrics and basic colours which stood out to the judges at that moment. 

The winner Christine Watson

At the end of the show Tayo and I took the time to thank everyone who helped make this show happen and those who came to support. The night then ended with some dancing at the Le Monde and it moved to Elbarrio.

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