Day 2 of Fashion Forward Adventures

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Day 2 was the longest day at Fashion Forward as it all started at 10am for me.. I decided to go a bit earlier to have a wonder around the Gardens and meet new brands. It’s nice to shop in peace as well because when it gets crowded I certainly do not enjoy it. 

This time I thought of a whole day running from show to show or place to place, the last thing on my mind is high heels. I put together a very Farah look with a topshop midi skirt, black tank top, my funky Garfield shirt from West LA Boutique and a pair of Nike Hi-tops… It just made my day !!!

At about 11:00am it was time for Brunch with the Bloggers, which was hosted by HTC and Grazia.

It was a good day as they discussed how technology and how it has changed the way we work, especially as bloggers. Alison Tay was fab as she mentioned how it was back in the day from doing runway sketch’s instead of an easy snap from a phone or how she had to wait a couple of days to process the picture before it could even be seen, I found it interesting because it shows the impact technology has on our lives. Blogger Kat Lebrasse, who won best Blogger of the year at Grazia, discussed how having an easy access to technology has let us bloggers establish ourselves and grow as well as building a worldwide connection with readers from all over the world. Designer Dima Ayad was the last speaker to mention how as a designer the technology has changed the way she does business and things in her life to promote her brand.

With Alison Tay – The Editor of Chief for Grazia Middle East
After a nice chat with also some other fab bloggers, we were on to the next show… it was time to start watching new talents and growing ones. 

First show was Starch which has showcased 3 designers. 

I went off to see Yousef al Jasmi.. I have to say Thank you to Sadu PR for my invite. 

The man who just stood out was Jean Louis Sabaji… more to come on the blog about his collection

What can I say about House of Hashe… Amazing… Ava, I have known here since high school( feels like a million years ago) who has now become a fabulous designer. More to come on my review on her collection.
Designer Dima Ayad is such a sweet heart… her collection was what I need in my wardrobe.. Got my eye on a few pieces… hmmm (Shopping madness) 
Through Fashion Forward I got to meet and be around a few fabolous faces… 🙂 

 Finally got to meet Michael Cinco, a designer who I admire alot. 

 These 2 gents are lovely…. Meeting them a month ago and I love them to bits… Dmitri from LuvDmi and Mika from The Prada Shades ( Thank you Nicole for the Pic)

I met this gorgeous lady Nicole from @nicole_ontrend on the day … and she is truely a gem!

I was beyond exhaust when I got home but it was such an eventful day.. from meeting creatives I admire and new inspiration to follow.  

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