Day 1 of Fashion Forward Adventures !

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Day 1 of Fashion Forward is a world wind of excitement as its my first time to attend such an event. I attend the Ezra and The Emperor 1988 show while visiting the fab Garden of amazing designers. The designers go from apparel to jewellery with mostly women’s wear and 1 mens brand.

As usual I am always too early for events in Dubai, I try being fashionably late and it just doesn’t work out for me. I arrived on the dot at 5pm to get myself together and have a look around the whole event.

The first stop…THE GARDENS !!!
I can’t help but love the queen behind Keen Bags. Her bags are made with love and an eye for great fabric.
Loved the wee lights in the Garden, they had an amazing DJ that just played the right tunes.
With the fab Duo of Vik Jethwani Fine Jewellery. These two create the most beautiful pieces of jewellery, the detail and dedication is breathtaking.
As I finished wondering throught the garden, I headed off to Ezra’s Fashion Show. I have to say the collection is a dream.. 🙂 ( There will be more to come on what I thought of collection on the blog)
What I love about Ezra’s show was how dramatic it started and ended… 🙂
Andy Scott from Andy Scott Fashion, Myself and Paul Ramos from The Style Choreo. These two lovely chaps are fun to chat with and great to chill with.

The boys looking all dapper

The next show we The Emperor 1688, which was known for being menswear but surprised the crowd with womenswear. ( more to come on the collection review)

I found my twin for the night…and she was a gem to talk to from Mojeh Magazine… 🙂
The first day of fashion forward was a wee bit exhausting but it was great meeting some many lovely fashionista’s that I followed. The weather wasn’t on my side and I found it tiring after some point. Of course that didn’t stop me from going for day 2.

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