Dawntroversial Shoes by Dawn Smith!

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Dawntroversial Shoes has fantastic, artistic and out of the box or more like out of this world shoes that have become a sensation all over. The lady behind these fabolous shoes is Dawn Smith. I was lucky enough to get a little interview with her!

How did Dawntroversial all start?
I had just finished university, I was taking a well-deserved break and relaxing, but being a very creative and motivated person, I came up with the idea of painting galaxies onto shoes- as this was a current fashion trend at the time that I loved. The business got more and more popular and I recieved great feedback and I have now turned it into my full-time job.

What is the inspiration for the shoe designs? 
Last summer it was Christopher Kane’s galaxy collection which I totally fell in love with, in which it inspired me to create my own colourful galaxies onto ladies high heels and from thereI started making shoes to order in colours which the customers wanted.They would email me pictures of outfits or colours they wanted them to be or an idea they had and I would create it for them. 

Who is your inspiration in general?
My inspiration comes from the most random things- anything at all inspires, I am so easily inspired and have the crazies imagination. I could be walking down the street and see a shadow, a reflection, an image or colours which just plant an idea in my head. I am constantly being inspired and filled with ideas. I sometimes would stay awake all night in the dark with my eyes shut thinking of ideas and then have a to keep turning on the lights and sketch them. 

What keeps you going?
My parents are the people that keep me working hard and striving for better. I grew up constantly surrounded by my parents and my dad’s employees working on some new project from building something, creating something and more. I think I was born with this drive in me to succeed and always be doing something, trying something new and coming up with ideas- crazy ideas!!!! My love for fashion as well keeps me going and inspired and I aspire to be creating something worthwhile, something which people from all over can enjoy. The feedback I recieve are lovely emails and present from the people who LOVED their shoes sooo much. I also recieve emails from many more people mentioning how much they love what I do and how I inspire them… and that is incredible!

Where do you seel your shoes?
I sell them on ASOS Marketplace, Etsy and some small boutiques and also as they are all normally made bespoke. The customers come to me with their request and I can post them straight to them, so anyone can speak directly to me and tell me exactly what they would like and I will make them. 

Who wears your shoes?

I make shoes for girls, ladies, men and kids too…. dogs soon to be added probably!!haha. My mains clientele are femaling wanting a uniques pair of high heels for a special occasion. 

Will you be doing more than shoes in the future? 
Yes, I have started designing some dawntroversial clothes, but I will stick to shoes and slowly introduce some pieces to see how they are recieved by everyone. I would love to start making RTW and couture collections, but only time will tell…..

Think the shoes are amazing , and I certainly will be getting my hands on a pair of Dawntroversial shoes. They are fun, funky, unique and out of this world!

These are some of the shoes that is made by Dawn Smith … for more infomation check out:  DAWNTROVERSIAL SHOES

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