CRAVE … We Crave It!

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Crave is the new fashion editorial magazine which has hit Scotland with excitement, with two inspiration women behind it. Lynne McCrossan and Ruth Walker are women to make a stand in the fashion world of Scotland. 

Their editorials are fun and inspiring with a wonderful creative aspect to it. The team behind them are some of the best Scotland has in creative talents. Their team has a mixture of fashion talents who have made some wonderful contributions to fashion in Scotland.
The Team : 
Ruth Walker
Lynne McCrossan 
Alexis Miller 
Tara Nowy 
Hardeep Singh Kohli
Sheri Scott
Claire Stuart
Bruce Devlin
Alexandra Fiddes
Molly Sheridan
Ann Russell
Polly McIntosh 

They combine together and develop fantastic photoshoots with top models and brands which make a statement from fashion to beauty. I always get excited to see what the team has come up with from their photoshoots to the write ups. As I have worked with a few of the ladies and met some in person throw networking event, I know how passionate and determined they are. 

To see more on CRAVE : CLICK HERE

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