Crave get’s #Racy on a Roof Top !

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When it comes to reading editorials my eyes are always on Crave, as the words creativity and ambitious is not enough to describe this team.
I was invited to the Crave #Racy event, where is was a completely hush hush event with a secret location everyone wanted to be at.

The ladies behind Crave are known to be creative, fun and full of love for what they do. I was not surprised when I found out it was on top of a park lot roof because the Crave team are full of other surprises. 

 Ocean Terminal Roof Top

 Obscure Couture obsession is madness as this skirt is beautiful!

 Designer of Abetwix and stylist Ian Tod

 One of the fab designers Obscure Couture .. Jen in her fab designs.

 Blogger Wendy from Thank Fifi 

 Designer Samantha from Isolated Heroes and Rachel Wilson

 Bloggers Sheri Scott from ForeveryoursBetty and Amanda Wilson from Honey Pop

I love the whole idea of the show! They said ‘We are going to show you what we do. Take beautiful clothing and beautiful pictures and make them into fantastic editorials.’ Its the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Those who know what Crave is about would agree! They created a simple back drop and got models to come out in all 3 designer out fits, in the front their were photographers and stylist. 
Lights, camera and action!!! The stylist got the model moving so the photographers can get the best pictures. I considered this the start to a change from runway fashion events. We are in Scotland and the creativity in this country is limitless. Please lets keep it that way, because that is what makes this country even more amazing. 
 Lynn doing her thing and getting models to be natural as well as fun. 

Saunt and Sinners design collaboration with Crave. In love with this colour and design 🙂 

This is one of the well known textiles designs of Saunt and Sinners !  Love it because it is fun and wearable. 

The collaboration collection between the designers (Obscure Couture, Saunt and Sinners and Jacob Birge) with Crave

The fab women of Crave Lynn McCrossan and Ruth Walker, who are always my mentors ! I am been fortunate to know this 2 ladies and blessed to have wonderful friends and ambitious women in my life.

Jacob Birge Collection with Crave
I love the collection!

Saunt and Sinners are just lovely with the blend of colours, I love the pop of the leather. 

Obscure Couture is on a whole other level… Anyone in this world who loves fashion would want to be seen in one of their outfits. The textile patterns are just what I love about OC to bits!

My outfit !! 

Top: H&M
Under skirt : Topshop
Skirt: Obscure Couture 
Shoes: Zara but Redesigned
Bag: Marc by Marc Jacob
Necklace: Topshop  

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