Clements Ribeiro Show at Edinburgh International Fashion Festival !

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Clements Ribeiro show at the Edinburgh International Fashion Festival was wonderful and an eye opener to the technical creations of these designers.

The location, Mansfield Traquair was beautiful and set up were perfect with the historic feel of the old church. As coming into it all their were long curtains hiding it all until it was all ready to be opened for the audience.

The collection in which was showcased at the show by Clements Ribeiro was astonishing as their detailed work and textures used, especially cashmere showed their love for what they do. The collection is easy to wear and perfect with the colours which stand out. I love this collection as it was based on everything these designers love but also the fact that these two designers come from different cultures. Through the collection the mixture of inspiration comes through the beautifully designed collection.

Here is a little video I edited from the little filming I did at the show :

To see on YouTube : CLICK HERE

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