Clarks For The New Generation!

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Clarks has a new sense of style but still keeps the top quality in comfort. I have been working at the Princess Street store in Edinburgh and have learned alot about the brand the history behind it. 
Most of us used to go to Clarks for school shoes and as they say ‘ granny shoes’, but I can say they are no longer just under those categories. They have moved towards 18 to 30 year olds, in other words they became trender, colourful and upto date with the styles of today . The one thing they never miss out on giving  is the quality comfort in every pair of shoes.

These are some of my favourite pieces from Clarks so far: 

Women’s Shoes:

Romantic Moon, has an amazing soft sole which is lovely on, with a pop of colour on the straps. 

Hamble Oaks are my perfect work and walking shoe, its comfortable with their softwear cushion and looks wonderful on the feet. I wear them with everything and it still looks wonderful. ‘DONT BE AFRAID TO MIX COLOURS’ 

 Chorus Thrill, the shoes I feel in love with once I put it on my feet. It has cushions in the right areas, its not to high and easy to wear with a strap to keep the feet in. 

Henderson Silk, its wonderful with the Active air technology. It provides cushion in the all the right ares and gives the perfect space to allow the foot to relax. 

Fenners Fun is a fun summer shoe to wear! Its perfect with jeans, a skirt, dresses and more.

Men’s Shoes: 

These are some of my favourite pieces from the menswear at Clarks.

Check out Clarks all over UK, as they always seem to have some kind of amazing offers and their new stylish and comfortable shoes.

Check their website : CLICK HERE

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