Chouchou by Silvia Pellegrino .. New Talent !

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Name: Silvia Pellegrino
Age: 33
Nationality: Italian
University/College: Amsterdam Fashion Institute
Occupation: Fashion Designer
Company Name: Chouchou


When and how did Chouchou come to be?

It all started about 5 years ago in  the beautiful bohemian are of Trastevere in Rome.  It was a very inspiring time of my life, I was just back from one year spent in LA and I really wanted to do my own thing. I remember sitting by my bed in this tiny room and sewing cute little dresses for my girlfriends coming to visit from Spain and Poland.

What does Chouchou Stand for ?

Chouchou stands for elegance, comfort, originality and why not a touch of luxury. 

What inspires you when making your collections?

Everything. I would say emotions more than anything else. Traveling, feeling really excited and constantly experiencing new things. Sometimes it could just be an attitude or a memory. Sometimes even sad feelings make me want to express something. 

What are the fabrics you used to create your beautiful designs?

Oh I change all the time. The fabric world is vast and appealing! My favourite are wollen tartans, harris tweet, colourful soft FAUX furs and stretch materials, primarily natural fibers for extra comfort. 

How long does it take to make one of your high quality hoods? 

It can take anywhere from 2hours to 2 days! Everyone at Chouchou know that unless it’s perfect it’s going nowhere. I want the best for my customers and of course for anyone wearing Chouchou, including me. 

Where do you sell all your collection?

We sell online, at many fashion events and in some beautiful boutiques in Scotland and abroad. We also sell on Spoiled Brat.

Where do you hope to be with Chouchou in 5 years from now ?

This is a truly scary question for me as I am aware of how much can change in space of simply 2 weeks! I have a simple vision- I see me creating beautiful designs which will be worn and enjoyed internationally. I love it so much when people feel admired in their clothes, it’s a wonderful thing. 

Chouchou New Collection 

I love Silva, she is a creative and bubbly young lady. She is full of ideas and always seen to me as an inspiration of creativity for young ladies today. 

Check out CHOUCHOU: Click Here

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