Chillin’ at Heavenly Spa Westin

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Its hard when in a city that is on the move 24/7 to get time out and chill out .. this time I decide I needed my 1 hr for me so I popped over to Heavenly Spa in the Westin Mina Seyahi. I tried the signature massage ‘Heavenly Spa Signature Massage’ which is a Swedish Massage.

I love the spa as it is relaxing from entering to finishing a massage. The staff are welcoming and helpful as I was asking them a thousands questions. As I have mentioned several times I have Scoliosis so I have to try to find ways to help my back from exercising to massages. 
As most of you think about massages as just for relaxation but if you trying to lose weight or help your muscles or even circulation a massage from time to time is great. I felt wonderful after the massages as I have been pushing my self alot to keep fit. 

An hour of peace! There is 3 stones to choose from that have words: Gratitude, hope and love. Picked a stone and while I was getting this blissful massaged, there was an aroma coming through. It was placed right under my nose… it was what I needed. Its worth a try!

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