Cherish Yourself

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Its a new year and new beginings start …. I am all set to head to  vcaqDubai after 4 suitcases later and alot of new goodies bought. I recently got back from Ireland on a family trip and a new place for new years( will be coming soon on the blog). 
In the past year it has been amazing especially getting to know new faces and designers ( must haves in my wardrobe). This time I decided it was time to have the lovely Nicci.N in my wardrobe of craziness. She was one of the designers at my first show in 2013 and what a bright light of joy. 

The collection Nicci.N creates over the seasons are fun and wearable with a new concept or a new theme. I love her dip dye techiniques which always looks beautiful in the silhouettes she chooses. 

 The is dress was perfect for me and my funny body shape, it is not loud and lovely to wear on special occasions. Its great with a pair of neutral heels, navy , black , or even a baby pink. Pop on a blazer for those serious matters or accessorize it for those fun nights out with the girls. 

 As most of you know this sweet pug has come into my life 5 months ago… her name is Lily and a beauty, as well as a better model than me. My lil sis brought her into the family and she is loved and growning especially after a tought 3 weeks at the vet a few months back. She outshined me in the photoshoot. 

There are people and beautiful things that come into you life at the right time. Those that make a difference in your life should be cherished… just remember you are also to be cherished. This year make it a year that brings out the best in you and spread it. Learn to love yourself because you love others, I dont mean to have an ego but apperciate yourself before others. 

‘Never Fully Dressed without a smile’ 

Photos by Kaz Strathemore 

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