Chantal Assaad.. New Talent!!!

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Name: Chantal Assad
Nationality: Swedish
University: Esmod, International Fashion School
Course: Fashion Design, Patten Making
Company: Chantal.A.


1. What do you like about the fashion industry?

Fashion is wearable art and it allows me to express myself creatively. It is a way of showing people who I am without actually telling them. I also appreciate the individual ways people interpret different pieces and make them their own.

2. What made you want to study fashion design?

It is something I have been passionate about for a long time, along with drawing. When I was younger, I loved to cut up and restyle my clothes. I always had an eye for what people were wearing; the streets of Stockholm and fashionable Swedes inspired me to become who I am today. For you to imagine something and then see your vision come to life is a great feeling.

3. Who is your inspiration?

I draw inspiration from the sights and sounds of life- such as people, places and things. I travel a lot and the different cultures and architecture I encounter really inspire me. Each of my collections draws from some particular inpsiration. I may be inspired by something I see and I store that in my mind and bring it out in a collection when I’m ready.

4. Who is your favourite designer?

My favourite designer is Rachel Gilbert.

5. Tell me about your S/S 2012 Collection.

This season’s collection features pastels as well as bold colours. My Spring/Summer 2012 Edge collection was inspired by geometrical shapes and adds a vintage touch. I wanted the collection to be a bit edgy, so I used bolder colours, buttons and cuts, while keeping my main focus on simplicity.

6. What is your signature design?

I often use jersey fabrics and I love to incorporating metal accessories like buttons, shoulder pieces, or chains on each of my designs.

7. What do you call your style of designs?

I would say my designs are simple but with a touch of creativity. My Middle Eastern and European background had a big effect on my style. I believe Chantal.A. is for a confident women who wants to stand out and make a statement, but not go too crazy with her style.

8. What did you do after you finished university?

After I finished university in 2009, I knew I wanted my own line so I started by creating single pieces. A few months after graduating I started working on full collections and founded my line, Chantal.A.

9. What is your 5 year plan?

I want to see my business expand and I hope to have my own boutique.

10. When leaving the house, what must you have in your handbag?

I can’t leave the house without my Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream, I am obsessed with it.

 Advice from Chantal about S/S 2012
” Don’t be afraid of change this season”

 I love the mix of colours and the silhouette!! Flattering for the body !

 Love the look!!! And the bag!!

 Love the colour of this dress and silhouette!

For more information Check out : Chantal.A.

Chantal is a talented young lady, who keeps on showing it through her lovely designs. Can not wait to see more of her work when I get back to Dubai! She has the passion for designing and I hope alll her dreams to make it a successful career come true.

Good Luck Chantal!!

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